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RAM50 cal.43, schwarz

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The RAM50 Pistol is made in the likeness of one of the most popular duty sidearms. This Real Action Marker is authentic in weight, feel, and action, right down to the realistic kick of its blowback slide.
The Pistol can quickly and accurately shoot .43 caliber paintballs or rubber training rounds at a range of 50-70 ft.

RAM50 Pistol is the most compact paintball pistol ever made, and is designed to be compatible with standard duty holsters. For law enforcement training, the RAM50 Pistol affords officers the ability to train as realistically as it gets. The RAM50 Pistol allows officers to use the duty gear they already have, and allows them to incorporate their training - weapon control, carry and hand positions, even point of aim - as if they are in a real situation.

RAM50 Pistol can also be used as a paintball gaming pistol for close-range combat and backup. When your other marker is too big to carry through the SWAT House, go for the Combat Pistol and own the scenario. It features an integrated accessory rail and a drop-free 8-shot magazine. The RAM50 Pistol fits duty and tactical holsters, and is powered by a single 12 gram CO2 cylinder located in the grip.

Key features:
- 9 Round magazine
- Operates with 12g disposable CO2 Cylinder
- Shoot .43 cal paintballs or rubber training rounds
- Fits standard duty holsters